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Anton du Preez has been involved in the field of management consulting for more than 25 years. He has extensive management experience having provided consultancy service in North America, South America, and Africa primarily in the field of system effectiveness. He has provided consultancy to the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement in the field of system effectiveness measurement. He is a founding partner and President of ROSii with the overall responsibility for the sustainability of ROSii. 


Following a successful sporting career where he set records that are still standing today, Elvin has been involved in several successful start-up organizations as an investor and executive. Elvin is serving on the board of several civic organizations and during President Gerald Ford's Presidency presented at the White House Prayer Breakfast. Elvin has received more than 30 awards such as the Washingtonian of the Year and the declaration of the 12th of February, Elvin Hayes Day in Houston Texas. Elvin is a founding partner and President of ROSii USA.

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Jody has participated in the establishment of several successful enterprises over a period of 28 years. She has extensive experience in the retail, health sciences and governmental industries. She has been instrumental in the establishment of an international health services group with offices in the USA and Eastern Europe. Jody is the Vice-President of Finance and Administration for ROSii USA.