At ROSii our primary focus is to apply cutting edge measurement techniques and to design innovative solutions for systems capability and leadership influence.

We are based both in Houston, Texas and in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg.
Our team has a wealth of international and local experience in system effectiveness and organizational transformation focusing on point of operation and point of influence interventions.

We provide leadership wherever our services are used and in industry as a whole and we bring change through:


We believe that there is always a solution to be found. This is reflected in our solutions that are adaptable and applicable to reflect the risk exposure profile of our clients.


We believe that the provision of management solutions needs to be both technical and cultural in nature. As such we strongly embrace the philosophy of mentorship and practice it without constraint. We believe that mentorship creates sustainability of growth and that it is an essential ingredient of our contribution.


We strongly believe that we can only share our experience and knowledge if we allow access to any party that is sufficiently interested in seeking our contribution. With us, you will always find and open door.


The basis of knowledge is the understanding that knowledge is incomplete and that one needs to remain humble in order to gain additional insight.


We believe that our actions are observed by anyone that we come in contact with and that only by living the values identified above are we able to contribute maximally.